Yaya Talks invite(s) Emmanuelle Nsunda (ENG/FR)

(ENG) Yaya talks is a podcast in which Reine Elisabeth Nkiambote and Tracy Bibo-Tansia, two women in their twenties, talk about life as it is. In the podcast they talk about their experiences, challenges and social topics that are relevant to them. Yaya means 'older' in the Congolese language, Lingala. In this case two older sisters. Talks because the ladies simply like to talk. In this live recording, Yaya Talks is going to meet Emmanuelle Nsunda who recently launched the podcast Les Absentes.

(FR) Yaya Talks est un podcast dans lequel Reine Elisabeth Nkiambote et Tracy Bibo-Tansia, deux femmes dans la vingtaine, parlent de la vie telle qu'elle est. Dans le podcast, elles parlent de leurs expériences, défis et sujets sociaux qui les concernent. Yaya signifie «plus vieux/vielles» en langue congolaise, lingala. Dans ce cas, deux sœurs plus âgées. "Talks" parce qu'elles aiment simplement parler. Dans cet enregistrement live, Yaya Talks va rencontrer Emmanuelle Nsunda qui a récemment lancé le podcast Les Absentes.

Thursday February 25 from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.


The recording will soon be available on podcast platforms.

Speakers / Intervenantes 


Reine Elisabeth Nkiambote, co-creator and co-host of Yaya Talks

Born in Antwerp from Congolese parents, Reine Nkiambote, moved to Brussels 5 years ago. In 2019 Reine began her political journey as a spokesperson for one of the most well known politicians in Belgium, Pascal Smet. Now she is responsible for the communications of the political movement one.brussels in the Brussels Parliament. Additionally she is in charge of several projects within the cabinet of State Secretary Smet, such as the workgroup for the decolonisation of public space in Brussels and the mission between Kinshasa and Brussels. 


Tracy Bibo-Tansia, co-creator and co-host of Yaya Talks

Tracy Bibo Tansia was born in Namur and grew up in Flemish Brabant. Her parents left Congo for Belgium in the late 1980s. She obtained a Master's degree in International Politics at the University of Ghent. She started working as a parliamentary assistant in the Brussels Parliament and then as an assistant for the Minorities Forum. In 2019, she moved to Congo, Bukavu where she worked for a Belgian organisation supporting victims of sexual violence. Now she works for 11.11.11. in Kinshasa. 


Emmanuelle Nsunda, créatrice de Les Absentes

Conservatrice/Restauratrice d’œuvres d’art et archéomètre de formation, Emmanuelle Nsunda est également spécialisée dans l’étude du patrimoine culturel immatériel. Récemment, elle ouvre son champ de recherche en y ajoutant une perspective décoloniale en interrogeant la déontologie de la conservation/restauration et la pédagogie des arts dans les écoles d’art belges

Crédit photo: Daan Broos