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A sound walk through the queer and feminist legends of Brussels city centre

From Mia Melvaer with BNA-BBOT

This sound walk is made to be listened to on a route that will appear fragment by fragment. You will start at Place Fontainas and end up at Place de Brouckere, and it will take you between 25-40 minutes depending on your choices. The sound fragments are adapted to a slow walking pace to give you time to look around. The stories and formats will vary, sometimes linked to the streets you walk in sometimes other tales of queer feminist music, bars and hearsay with a local connection.

Instructions map
Our physical map-booklets have unfortunately sold out. But you can click this link to
access a digital version of the booklet available for the duration of Brussels Podcast

Instructions audio
There are 14 audio tracks here below. which you can either stream or download. Each track corresponds to a page number (for example if you are listening to Track 7, go to page number 7.)

How to start 
Go to Place Fontainas in the spot indicated on page number 1 and choose Track 1. Walk whilst listening to the audio, from one cross to another. Once it is finished and you have arrived, choose between the presented track options that are given to you and find the corresponding page. From there on the audio and maps will guide you.

More or less.

Enjoy ! 

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